SPRINGTIME:  Annually, SERSG Invites bids for Paper, Water & Sewer Treatment Chemicals, and DPW Supplies.  These are available in late March, awarded by June, and result in contracts effective from July 1 of that year, through June 30 of the following year.

Every two years, bids are also invited for Office Supplies, following a similar schedule as above.  This results in a two-year contract that begins on July 1.

AUTUMNAnnually, SERSG invites bids for DPW Services.  The IFB is available in October, generally awarded in December and results in one-year contracts effective from February 1 of the next year.  Some items of work allow for contract renewals up to 3 years.

Every three years, a Request for Proposals is issued for Drug & Alcohol Testing services.  The RFP is available by October with a proposal opening by November, and results in a three-year contract that begins on February 1. 


Monthly, SERSG member meetings are held on Tuesdays for Highway Superintendents/DPW Directors in member communities and begin at 9:30AM, and Wednesdays for Town/City Administration delegates at 9:15AM in Mansfield Town Hall room 3A/B at 6 Park Row; this group is also known as the SERSG Board.