Member Business

Monthly, SERSG member meetings are held on Tuesdays for Highway Superintendents/DPW Directors in member communities and begin at 9:30AM, and Wednesdays for Town/City Administration delegates at 9:15AM in Mansfield Town Hall room 3A/B at 6 Park Row; this group is also known as the SERSG Board.  

May's Highway meeting is Tues May 7 in Easton, and Wedn May 8 for Board Members.  Contact SERSG for more information.

Board Meeting Minutes:

DPW Services  2/1/19-1/31/20:

DPW Supplies FY19:

Water & Sewer Treatment Chemicals FY19:

Drug & Alcohol Testing Services 2018-2020:

Paper & Office Supplies  FY19:

Office Supply Discount Exclusions