Member Business

Monthly, SERSG member meetings are held on Tuesdays for Highway Superintendents/DPW Directors in member communities and begin at 9:30AM, and Wednesdays for Town/City Administration delegates at 9:15AM in Mansfield Town Hall room 3A/B at 6 Park Row; this group is also known as the SERSG Board.  

September's meetings are Tues. Sept. 11 in Easton for Hwy Supts, and Wedn. Sept. 19 for Board Members.  This schedule avoids the week of Labor Day and accomodate key personnel.

Board Meeting Minutes:

DPW Services 2/1/18-1/31/19:

DPW Supplies FY19:

Water & Sewer Treatment Chemicals FY19:

Drug & Alcohol Testing Services 2018-2020:

Paper & Office Supplies  FY19:

Office Supply Discount Exclusions