Six procurements are routinely administered: DPW Services, DPW Supplies, Drug and Alcohol Testing Services, Office Supplies, Paper, Water & Sewer Treatment Chemicals.

SERSG produces all contract documents between municipalities and vendors.  DPW Service contract may be renewed for certain items, though not for most.  Contract administration support is also available to members.

SERSG coordinates and subsidizes some annual trainings for Departments of Public Works. 

In addition to basic services, SERSG will administer a bid for a single community or small group of communities for a fee.


Spring 2019 bid openings were April 22, 24 29 and May 1.  Bid Tallies are provided below for Water & Sewer Treatment ChemicalsDPW Supplies, Office Supplies and Paper.  Awards for Water & Sewer Treatment Chemicals and DPW Supplies are also below.  Contracts for Paper and Office Supplies have been awarded to W. B. Mason. 

Use the "CONTACT US" tab if you have any questions.

Water/Sewer Treatment Chemical for FY20 Sodium Hypochlorite being Re-Bid.  Use CONTACT tab to request IFB.  Bid Opening will be 6/12/19 10am.