Six procurements are routinely administered: DPW Services, DPW Supplies, Drug and Alcohol Testing Services, Office Supplies, Paper, Water & Sewer Treatment Chemicals.

SERSG produces all contract documents between municipalities and vendors.
DPW Service contract are renewed for specific items.  Contract administration support is also available to members.

SERSG coordinates and subsidizes some annual trainings for Departments of Public Works. 

In addition to basic services, SERSG will administer a bid for a single community or small group of communities for a fee.


Contracts were awarded effective July 1, 2018 for  Paper, Water & Sewer Treatment Chemicals, and DPW Supplies. Winning vendors and prices are available in the SCHEDULE tab.

An Invitation for Bids will be available on October 4, 2018 for 2019 DPW Services.  Click here to request an IFB and be added to the Bidder List.   

Eligible bidders must be prequalified by the Mass. Dept. of Transportation for the following services: Paving, Pavement Surface Treatments, and Pavement Reclamation; Sidewalk Construction; Crack Sealing; Traffic Line Painting; Hot In-Place Recycling; Permanent Trench Patch Repairs; Guard Rail Installation; Structure Work; and Sub-Drain Installation.

Other services being bid, which do not require prequalification,  include Catch Basin Cleaning with and without Sump Measurement, Tub Grinding, Screening Services, Excavation Services, Snow & Materials Hauling & Disposal, and Snow Shoveling on Flat Rooves.