HISTORY: SERSG was established in 1993 when 14 communities worked with Old Colony Planning Council (OCPC) to fund a shared public administrator. The original and continuing mission is to act jointly to solve governmental problems. Grant funding from the Executive Office of Communities and Development enabled this process to begin. SERSG created a fiscal branch in 1997, the SERSG Service Corporation, which was designated a 501(4)c non-profit civic organization. This independence provided SERSG complete responsibility for itself and its work, and ended ties with OCPC.

Twenty-five towns and cities are SERSG members and managers.  They benefit from shared procurement and administrative services provided by one regional administrator. 

The unique SERSG approach requires direct engagement, provides local control, and secures group cost-savings.  Each member municipality delegates a representative to the Board of Directors and the Directors authorize all SERSG work.  Initiatives are requested by member municipalities, and are tailored to meet the specific needs of those participating communities. This method avoids problems that can result from a one-size-fits-all approach, and achieves decisions that best serve participating communities.  Services are available to all members, but the decision to participate in any procurement or service lies with each member.